Magnetic Bookmarks

This handy bookmark features a motivation quote along with a gorgeous photo. Simply fold over the top or side of a page and it will magnetize and stays securely in place. With this magnetic bookmark, you will never lose your important page or your bookmark. The function of Magnetic Bookmarks is not only for marking page but also can be used as paper clip, money clip, etc. It is with gloss laminated finished - a hard wearing & long lasting product.

Type A
(The whole bookmark is backed with magnet)

Type B
(Only the lower part of the bookmark is backed with magnet)

Custom order:
The Magnetic bookmarks can be printed with any image, half with gorgeous image and the other half with business or advertising information. 

These can also be used as a business card or be printed as a compliment gift, which can be used as a bookmark rather than usually getting thrown away in the bin.
Acceptable Artwork format: PDF, JPEG, BITMAP, and PHOTOSHOP.

Alternatively you can just supply us with a summary of what you want and let us do the rest for you.