Mouth of Gold Handbag: Miyu Duo

Miyu Duo
Bag of Fortune!
Pretty cutie “Mouth of Gold” handbag hand-sewn in Sue and Billy patchwork-like 100% Japanese Cotton print. One in Deep Red, and the other in Sweet Pink.

What make this bag attractive:
~ Fully hand quilted
~ Fully padded for sturdy outlook and long lasting usage
~ Decorated with cotton lace and the lace also act as a cover to the opening gap
~ 10cm metal purse frame [10cm手挽口金]
~ Handy and convenient to use
~ Ideal for a quick go eg. purse, handphone, keys, cosmetics, etc. 

Approx. measures:
Openning 10cm x 10cm
Widest area 17cm
Base 15cm x 11cm
Size class: Small

Come on, you can try make one yourself now! Materials are available from here: